The most popular chimney liner material is clay, but other options include metal liners and cast-in-place liners. A chimney liner protects the home from heat transfer and protects the masonry of a home from chimney bypro... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

The average cost to reline a chimney is between $2,500 and $3,000 as of 2015. Factors influencing the cost include the height of the chimney, materials selected and labor. Costs also vary by region. More »

As of 2015, some types of gas furnaces do not need a chimney, others work with unlined chimneys and yet more require a lined chimney. Greater efficiencies of modern furnaces complicate the problem. More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Superior Clay, Menards and The Home Depot carry clay chimney flue liners. Customers can purchase clay chimney flue liners on the Home Depot or Menards websites or use the dealer search tool on the Superior Clay Corporati... More »

Tips for wearing prosthetic legs below the knee include wearing more than one sock or liner between the residual limb and the prosthetic socket, trying on multiple kinds of socks and liners before settling on one, and wa... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

To install a shower liner, first cut a hole in the center of the shower floor to make space for the drain assembly, then install the liner material from the drain outwards, nailing it into place 9 inches above the edge o... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

The White's electronics website is a reputable source for finding their brand of metal detectors, but various models and accessories can also be found on and White's Electronics and the Kel... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools