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Traditional Chilean clothing consists of an elaborately decorated silk or wool chamanto or poncho, a straw hat called a chupalla and a feminine, full-skirted, flowered dress. The poncho is unique because it is reversible from dark to light.


Traditional Chilean clothing includes brightly colored ponchos, pants and cloaks. The two most-iconic pieces of clothing are the chamanto, a type of poncho, and the chupallas, a type of hat. Although the vast majority of people wear westernized clothing, traditional clo...


Chile Verde Con Cerdo is a traditional Mexican green chile dish made with pork. Serve it over enchiladas, or eat it as a stew. This recipe requires one hour preparation time and eight hours cooking time and makes 15 servings.


To call Chile from the United States, first dial the exit code 011, followed by Chile's country code 56, the area code and the phone number. Area codes vary from city to city, and cellphone numbers use a dedicated string of numbers instead of an area code.


Chile is most famous for Easter Island. Easter Island is located thousands of miles off the mainland. It is known for its moai, which are large stone statues of heads.


The most abundant mammals in Chile are rodents. Among the more unique animals are the condor and the guanaco, an ancient predecessor of the camel.


Chile is located in South America. It lies on the west coast of the southern half of the continent. Chile is a narrow strip of land that borders Argentina to the east, Bolivia and Peru to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.