During childbirth, a baby normally moves through the birth canal head first, states the Office on Women’s Health. This process, which is aided by the mother pushing during contractions, typically takes between 20 minutes... More »

Artemis, a figure in Greek mythology, is a divine huntress who is the guardian of the forest and its wildlife, and she is also the protector of women in childbirth. She is the daughter of Zeus and the Titan Leto. More »

Sites that specialize in educating the public on hernias, such as California Hernia Specialists and No Insurance Surgery, feature photos of inguinal hernias. However, it is more convenient to find illustrated images of i... More »

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Babies go toward the birth canal shortly before birth, which should be around a woman's due date, according to Women's Health. It's hard to say exactly when this will take place, but there are some signs that show labor ... More »

At birth, the average newborn’s head circumference measures approximately 13 3/4 inches and grows to around 15 inches during the first month, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Newborn boys often have sligh... More »

Natural childbirth can refer to the process of giving birth without drugs or to giving birth without any medical intervention. Natural birth is safe, it provides confidence and increased self-esteem to mothers, and it of... More »

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Although natural childbirth is usually painful, many women who have given birth without pain medication say they intend to have another natural birth with the next child, reports BabyCenter. There are several natural pai... More »

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