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As of December 2015, child support guidelines for Texas are on the website for the Texas Attorney General, TexasAttorneyGeneral.gov. The Frequently Asked Questions page explains many of the ground rules for the state, such as what the child support system is, what is it able to do, who is permitted


California voting guidelines include eligibility rules that indicate only U.S. citizens who are California residents and are at least 18 years old on election day can vote, according to the California Secretary of State website. California voting guidelines also include registration deadlines and re


Child support may be used for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, educational fees, transportation and child care, according to FindLaw. Child support may also cover extracurricular activities, entertainment and college expenses.


To get child support, the custodial parent must contact the child support office within the state where the parent and the children reside and complete an application to apply, according to the U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement. Paternity must be established before child support can be ordere


In California, there is no statute of limitations for collecting child support. This means that uncollected child support is always enforceable until fully paid.


The child support process involves opening a child support case with the state child support office, establishing paternity, evaluating financial records and child expenses, ruling a child support order, and enforcing payment, according to the Georgia Division of Child Support Services. The noncusto


In the majority of cases each state establishes unique child support laws. However the federal government can become involved if a person is more than two years behind on payments. Any parent who owes back child support must pay the debt in full regardless of the child's age.


A custodial parent seeking to apply for child support services needs to contact a local child support office because the official guidelines vary according to state, as the United States Office of Child Support Enforcement, or OCSE, explains. The applicant's financial information, including income,


To file for child support services, the custodial parent should contact the social services or child support office in the state where the custodial parent and the children live, according to the South Dakota Department of Social Services. An application may be requested in order to begin the proces


Non-custodial parents in the state of Texas may be obligated to monthly, court-ordered payments. The amount of support is dependent on the income of the parent and number of children under 18 in the order, minus any deductions for medical support paid.