Enforcing child support involves asking the local or state child support service office to follow up with the delinquent noncustodial parent to ensure child support is paid promptly, according to DivorceNet from Nolo. Ag... More »

The Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency assists state residents with parent location, paternity establishment, initiation and enforcement of child support orders, and enforcement of health insurance orders. The agency ... More »

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Information and resources available on the North Carolina Child Support Enforcement website includes the process for filing a child support claim, the forms for disputing a child support claim case, details about how to ... More »

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To get child support, the custodial parent must contact the child support office within the state where the parent and the children reside and complete an application to apply, according to the U.S. Office of Child Suppo... More »

To file for child support services, the custodial parent should contact the social services or child support office in the state where the custodial parent and the children live, according to the South Dakota Department ... More »

A custodial parent seeking to apply for child support services needs to contact a local child support office because the official guidelines vary according to state, as the United States Office of Child Support Enforceme... More »

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Ohio law dictates that the biological parent of a child, an adoptive parent or a parent who has acknowledged paternity on the birth certificate of a child has to pay child support, according to DivorceNet. This is additi... More »

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