Forms for child custody are available at county clerk's offices within local courthouses in the state in which a person resides, according to FindLaw. Some states provide online access to child custody forms on the court... More » Government & Politics Law Child Support & Custody

Specific forms required to modify child custody differ from state to state, but many states provide printable forms online, which are available at In some cases, parents may write their own custody modificat... More » Government & Politics Law Child Support & Custody

Indiana does not offer child-custody forms. Instead, the Indiana judiciary encourages citizens to contact an attorney, because each case is different, and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to create a child-custo... More » provides free child custody forms and documents available for download, listed by state. Custody forms vary according to state laws and specific situations, and not all states make forms available online. More » Government & Politics Law Child Support & Custody

A person must ask the local court or a local, child support agency for a court order for temporary custody by preparing and filing the applicable forms. In some instances, temporary guardianship forms are available for f... More »

A custodial parent not receiving child support payments should contact the local child support office where the case resides or file a petition in the courts for enforcement, according to FindLaw. The Child Support Enfor... More »

Types of child custody agreements awarded by courts include physical custody, legal custody, sole custody and joint custody, according to FindLaw. The agreements define the level of support and access each parent has to ... More » Government & Politics Law Child Support & Custody