An example menu of meals offered at child care centers include waffles and fruit for breakfast, cheese and crackers for a morning snack, a grilled cheese sandwich as the main course for lunch and apples and yogurt for an... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Though qualifications may vary between institutions and states, most qualifications for working at a child care center focus on a day care or early child development certification along with some experience working in th... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Generally, day care centers are nurseries, safe places for parents to allow their pre-schoolers supervised socialization or baby-sitting services for working parents. Child development centers often focus more on academi... More » Family Parenting Child Care
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Policies and procedures for a child care facility should cover topics such as operating hours, drop-off and pick-up procedures, fees, immunization requirements, emergency preparedness plans, meals, toilet training, paren... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Child Care Aware offers free sample worksheets designed to help child care providers, such as day care centers, plan budgets. Worksheets offered on the site focus on cash flow projections, funding sources, start-up budge... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Parents find child care openings by calling referral agencies, asking friends for referrals and visiting local child care centers. Openings are often listed in the classifieds or on local websites such as Craigslist. More » Family Parenting Child Care

The questions on a child care enrollment form vary depending on the facility, but most day care centers request general contact details for both parents, emergency contact information and information regarding the child'... More » Family Parenting Child Care