The best way to get a Chihuahua puppy for free is to adopt from a local animal shelter or breed rescue group. Some of these groups feature fee-waived adoption programs. More »

The ASPCA often offers adoption of all breeds of dogs. The website provides an online search for Chihuahuas, as do the and websites. All three of these sites provide a search... More »

Chihuahua puppies can be trained to potty outside, on paper or in a litter box depending on the owner's preferences. Constant supervision of any puppy is key to successful housebreaking. Puppies may need to eliminate as ... More »

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The best way to adopt a German shepherd for free is to work with your local animal shelter or breed rescue. Some of these organizations occasionally waive adoption fees. More »

The best way to find a free Yorkie-poo for adoption is to check with your local animal shelter or a breed rescue group to see if they have any programs that waive adoption fees. Fee-waived adoptions may only occur at cer... More »

The requirements for pet adoption vary according to the shelter or rescue group. Some organizations will require an application, and nearly all will ask certain questions about your lifestyle and experience with pets. More »

Adopt a rescue kitten at a local animal shelter, humane society or cat rescue group. Some pet stores feature in-store adoption centers showcasing rescued animals. Contact veterinary clinics to inquire about the availabil... More »