A chicken cheese quesadilla doesn't have a standard number of calories. For example, the serving size of a Taco Bell chicken cheese quesadilla has 510 calories, while one from Taco Del Mar has 788 calories. More »

Spicy black bean salsa by Rotel is an easy black bean and corn salsa recipe that includes just seven ingredients combined and refrigerated. The recipe is ideal when served with burritos, tacos or tortilla chips. More »

The number of calories in a single slice of cheese pizza varies depending on brand. A slice of Peter Piper cheese pizza, for instance, contains approximately 236 calories. More »

similar articles has a recipe for ranch baked quesadillas. A recipes for baked chicken quesadillas is also available on While these recipes all use chicken, other types of meat such as beef may subs... More »

A single 1-ounce slice of American cheese has 96 calories, 7.39 grams of fat, 1.97 carbohydrates and 5.37 grams of protein. The same 1-ounce portion also has 368 grams of sodium and 77 grams of potassium. It contains vit... More »

A plain bagel with a standard serving of regular cream cheese, generally around 2 tablespoons, contains 450 calories. As bagels come in a number of different varieties, the type of bagel consumed and the amount of cream ... More »

If using skim milk, there are 272 calories in a cup of cooked cheese grits. The recommended serving size of cheese grits is 1/2 cup, as stated by My Fitness Pal. More »