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Jokes about the NFL's Chicago Bears are nearly as numerous as the team has fans. One joke from Jokes4Us that may be appreciated by both Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers fans is: how many Chicago Bears fans does it take to change a light bulb? None! They are happy living in Green Bay's shadow.


Chicago Bears games are viewable live on television by subscription with Verizon Wireless in the greater Chicago area, and in person at Soldier Field for home games. The complete broadcast schedule and network for all Chicago Bears games is available at ChicagoBears.com.


Drafting is the creation of a drawing or other graphical representation of a building, mechanical device or other structure for the purposes of determining how the device should be created. Drafting is used as a part of the design and fabrication processes. Drafting can be done by hand or using spec


The primary team logo for the Chicago Bears is an orange wishbone-C with a white border inside of a navy blue border or background. This is the logo seen on the helmets of the team and has been in use since 1974.


Some online draft games include “Play the Draft” and “First-Pick.com.” While players have to create an account to play, these games don't require money. The games pit players against each other as they try to create the ultimate football team. There are no cash prizes for winning the games.


Chicago is not a state, but a city within the state of Illinois. Known as the "Windy City," Chicago is located in the northeastern part of the state along the shore of Lake Michigan.


A drafting engineer is a person who uses a number of computer programs to make blueprints of complex engineering designs. Most people who work as drafting engineers have associate degrees, but many go on to earn bachelor's degrees.


Chicago, Ill., incorporated in 1837. As the economical hub of the Midwest, Chicago occupies 237 square miles, including 26 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan.


A rough draft is the first attempt by a writer to express ideas in a written format. It is called "rough" because it is not the finished product. It is preceded by the prewriting steps of brainstorming, researching and outlining and succeeded by editing and revising.


Advocates against having a military draft argue that a draft is unnecessary because the size of the military is sufficient to defend the country and military outlets are not currently experiencing difficulty recruiting, as of 2015, according to the Small Wars Journal. Increasing the size of the mili