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There are numerous engine light codes, including P0342, P1105 and P1201. Engine light codes can cover almost any part of the engine, but require a tool in order to find out what the code the car is putting off is. There are manufacturer specific codes, as well as generic codes, that can appear.


Some manufacturer specific Chevy check engine codes are P0342 camshaft position sensor A bank 1 low input, P1105 secondary vacuum sensor circuit, P1106 MAP sensor circuit intermittent high voltage, P1107 MAP sensor circuit intermittent low voltage, P1108 BARO to MAP sensor circuit comparison too hig


You can identify the parts of a Chevrolet engine with parts diagrams, such as those available online at ChevroletOnlineParts.com. This website provides diagrams that illustrate and name all parts of a Chevrolet engine. Chevrolet repair manuals also illustrate and identify engine parts.


Chevy engine numbers are serial numbers located on the engine lock of Chevrolet vehicles. These number contain valuable information about where and when the engine was manufactured, as well as its capacity and statistics. Sometimes they also contain the VIN number of the vehicle in which they were o


The casting code provides the easiest way to identify a Chevy engine block. This code is typically found on the rear of the engine block above the bellhousing flange. This code contains information pertaining to the production location, date and details about model vehicle originally mated to the en


To find the meaning of a Chevy engine onboard diagnostic code, check the code using a SCAN tool and compare the number to a chart of possible causes for the malfunction. OBD-II codes that begin with a P-1 are manufacturer specific, so check a chart specifically for Chevy engines.


The service engine light on a Chevy Venture is the same as that on many other vehicles. This light is located on the dashboard, and it indicates that there is a problem with the vehicle.


The Chevy 6.0 liter small block engine is an eight-cylinder engine aligned in the V formation and is called the Vortec L96. As of 2015, it is used primarily in Chevy's heavy-duty trucks, vans and SUVs and is the last Vortec engine in use by Chevy.


As of 2015, most Chevy trucks have the EcoTec3 series engine installed. The EcoTec3 line of engines took the place of the Chevrolet Vortec series, and is available in three different sizes.


When the Check Engine light on a car is illuminated, it indicates the onboard diagnostic computer has detected a problem with the vehicle's emission system. The problem is due to a variety of conditions, ranging from a loose gas cap to serious engine problems.