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Small block engine codes on Chevy trucks, or any Chevy vehicle, are codes that identify the plant where the engine was built, the product date and characteristics of that particular engine. In combination with partial or complete VINs and cast numbers, the codes help identify the origin of the engin


The casting code provides the easiest way to identify a Chevy engine block. This code is typically found on the rear of the engine block above the bellhousing flange. This code contains information pertaining to the production location, date and details about model vehicle originally mated to the en


The first step to decoding the Chevy engine block code is to locate and identify the code on the engine assembly stamp correctly. Next understand the block code. The code has 15 characters.


To find the meaning of a Chevy engine onboard diagnostic code, check the code using a SCAN tool and compare the number to a chart of possible causes for the malfunction. OBD-II codes that begin with a P-1 are manufacturer specific, so check a chart specifically for Chevy engines.


Some manufacturer specific Chevy check engine codes are P0342 camshaft position sensor A bank 1 low input, P1105 secondary vacuum sensor circuit, P1106 MAP sensor circuit intermittent high voltage, P1107 MAP sensor circuit intermittent low voltage, P1108 BARO to MAP sensor circuit comparison too hig


There are numerous engine light codes, including P0342, P1105 and P1201. Engine light codes can cover almost any part of the engine, but require a tool in order to find out what the code the car is putting off is. There are manufacturer specific codes, as well as generic codes, that can appear.


Both big-block and small-block Chevrolet engines most commonly have engine casting numbers located at the rear of the engine near the engine's interface to the transmission. The casting numbers are visible near the top of one of the engine's cylinder banks, though it may be necessary to move hoses o


Chevy engine block numbers are assigned according to the location and date of manufacture and the engine information. The five-digit prefix identifies the date and location of manufacture. This is followed by a two or three letter suffix that represents engine data such as size, model year and engin


Tips for rebuiding a small block Chevrolet engine include inspecting the rods, pistons, timing chain and crankshaft before beginning the rebuild. Setting the cam at the right degree and installing cork valve cover gaskets is cheaper than installing steel core silicone valve cover gaskets. Consider u


The block identification number for small-block Chevrolet V-8 engines such as the Chevrolet 350 is commonly located on a flat pad on the front of the passenger side cylinder block. This pad is often not visible at first glance on an engine, as it is hidden by the alternator.