Chess is not a solved game and there are no optimal moves outside of given situations, so mastery depends on situational awareness and general knowledge. Players must learn to evaluate things such as their board position... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

A well-known chess move is the Queen's Gambit. It is a common move used in the opening by the player controlling the white pieces. More »

One special move in chess is called the Queen's Gambit, an opening move that features white pressuring black with the queen piece very early in the game. Chess is a game with thousands and thousands of possible move comb... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

Chess notation is a formal written system used to record moves in chess games. Each piece is represented by a letter, and positions on the board are represented by a letter and number combination. More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

Some tips to help beginners learn to play chess are to encourage them to learn the principles of opening moves and then applying that knowledge in games. The opening moves in chess are the most important moves a player c... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

To win a game of chess in three moves, move your pawn to E4, wait for the opponent to move their pawn to F5, and then move your queen to H5. You must play as white to win by this so-called fool's mate. More »

Chess is a game of strategy, where the object is to "checkmate" the opposing player's "king." The game pieces for each player consist of eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, a queen and a king. "Checkmate" o... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games