Some good flowering shrubs and bushes include weigela, Rose of Sharon, camellia, Nanking cherry and hydrangea. These plants can complement the color and scents of common annuals and perennials.

Popular varieties of cherry bushes include the Carmine Jewel, Crimson Passion, Nanking cherry and the Meader bush cherries. Most of these popular cherry bushes are the result of hybridization.

Some of the most common landscaping shrubs include forsythias, Rose of Sharon, rhododendrons, barberry and holly. Landscaping shrubs range in size from the smaller varieties up to the larger tree-like forms.


An oleander bush is a flowering evergreen that grows in the warm climates of the West Coast region, Florida and Texas. The oleander also tolerates the dry and windy conditions found in Arizona and the salty marsh soils i...

According to Garden Guides, Rose of Sharon, magnolia trees, redbud trees and purple leaf plums are all trees that produce purple flowers in the spring. The jacaranda tree also grows flowers in the spring, according to Sa...

Yew bushes are large, coniferous shrubs with fine needles that are usually dark green in color. Yew bushes are native to Japan, Korea, northeast China and southeast Russia.

Fast-growing evergreen shrubs include the non-flowering Green Velvet Boxwood and the flowering Longwood Blue Mist Shrub. Each shrub's foliage is low-maintenance, deer-resistant and shapes easily if desired.