There are a number of possibilities of the meaning and origin of the word "Cherokee," and there is no certainty as to the original meaning even among Cherokee people. One theory is that the word derives from the Cherokee... More » Education

The Cherokee covered a large area of the Southeastern United States, including Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The tribes were moved from this area when gold was found on the Indian lands in Georgi... More » History Modern History

The central belief system guiding Cherokee Indian life assigns importance to various numbers, rewards good, punishes evil, acknowledges the powers of certain animals and establishes protocols for associating with the spi... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions
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According to a 1904 newspaper article cited on, some common Cherokee family names are Beanstalk, Bearpaw, Dirteater, Fox, Fivekiller, Deer-in-the-water, Featherhead, Fence, Falling and more. Other... More » Education

Some typical Cherokee names for girls are Adsila and Ama, meaning blossom and water, respectively. Sequoyah and Kanuna are used as boy's names, and the first means sparrow, while the other, bullfrog. More » Education

Resources for translating English into Cherokee include the "Cherokee-English Dictionary" by Durbin Feeling, the "New English-Cherokee Dictionary" by Brian Wilkes and online dictionaries such as those at Di... More » Education

Cherokee, North Carolina offers a number of activities for visitors, including art galleries, museums, casinos and shopping opportunities. Cherokee also offers many outdoor adventures for fishermen, hikers and campers. More » Geography