Common Cherokee last names can be difficult to ascertain. During the period between the late 1700's and the beginning of 1900, Cherokees tended to adopt a European surname and give this name to their children, choosing n... More » History Modern History US History

There are a number of possibilities of the meaning and origin of the word "Cherokee," and there is no certainty as to the original meaning even among Cherokee people. One theory is that the word derives from the Cherokee... More » Education

Some common surnames of Cherokee Indians are Eagle, Tuckahoe, Wickett, Wilenawa and Oconostota, which belong to the Ahnigatogewi, or the Wild Potato Clan. Other surnames include Bentleg, Beaver, Goodpaster, Cornsilk and ... More » Education
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Common Cherokee Indian names include Dustu which means "spring frog" and Oconostota which means "warrior of Chota." Other popular Cherokee Indian names include Degataga which means "standing together" and Gawonii which m... More » History Modern History US History

When writing "Common Sense," Paine wanted to show the common man why the United States should be independent of England. He also wanted to show these people that they had the resources needed to build a navy. More » History Modern History US History

The Cherokee are of Iroquoi descent and were originally located in the Great Lakes area, but they moved to the Southeast throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and eastern Tennessee. The discovery of gold in Georgia in 1828 p... More » History Modern History US History

Cherokee genealogy can be traced using someone's family history, the federal census and official government rolls of Indian population. The first step is to trace someone's family tree back as far as possible using stand... More » History Modern History US History