The Cherokee lived in small villages of about 400 to 500 people, in 30 to 60 homes, indicating the existence of an extended family structure consisting of multiple generations under one roof. The villages often contained... More » History Modern History US History

The Cherokee Indians lived in log cabins reinforced with mud and wood. They settled in the southeast woodland region of America, although originally they were from the Great Lakes area. More »

The Cherokee Indians consumed meat from hunting, such as wild turkeys and deer, as well as grains like corn. Cherokee women did the majority of the farming while the Cherokee men did the majority of the hunting. Together... More »

Cherokee genealogy can be traced using someone's family history, the federal census and official government rolls of Indian population. The first step is to trace someone's family tree back as far as possible using stand... More »

Aside from being an accomplished silversmith for his people, Sequoyah's most notable contribution to the Cherokee was the development of a writing system in the early 19th century. The Cherokee syllabary, which was creat... More » History Modern History US History

The Anasazi community built their homes, the famed cliff dwellings, into the mountainsides with but a single exit for defense purposes.These people could carry out all the aspects of living within these dwellings except ... More »

Some symbols used by Cherokee warriors include a bloody hand to indicate someone wounded or killed and a left-pointing arrow beneath a right-pointing arrow to represent war. Other symbols include two crossed arrows to re... More »