Some of the different Indian, or Native American, peoples that inhabited North America at one time or another include the Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne and Comanche. Other tribes include the Crow, Navajo, Nez Per... More »

Examples of Native American horse names derived from the names of Native American tribes and individuals include Apache, Cochise, Comanche, Dakota and Cherokee. Horse names derived from Native American words include Tasu... More »

The Apache, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Iroquois and Osage are a few recognizable Native American tribal names. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists well over a hundred Native American tribal names with a high degree ... More » Education

The Apache, Comanche, Pueblo, Navajo and Ute are Native American tribes in New Mexico. Other tribes include the Zuni, Jocome and Jano tribes. In total, there are 22 Indian tribes in New Mexico. More » History Modern History US History

Some Indian or Native American tribes that are still around today are the Cherokee, Navajo, Apache, Iroquois and Creek. The Cherokee currently has the largest population, as of 2015, with 729,000 individuals. The Navajo ... More »

Boiled, roasted or dried buffalo meat was the primary food source of the Blackfoot Native American tribes.They stored dried meat in rawhide pouches and made it into pemmican by combining it with service berries and marro... More »

Blackfoot Indians played games, hunted, fished and did arts and crafts for fun. Storytelling was also important to this tribe, because it was a way to pass down folk tales and legends from generation to generation. More »