The Lewis structure for H2S features a central sulfur atom, written as just the letter S, single-bonded to two hydrogen atoms, each represented by the letter H. There are four dots representing two lone pairs of electron... More »

The molar mass of H2S, which is the chemical formula for hydrogen sulfide, is about 34 grams per mole. The molar mass of a compound is calculated by finding the atomic mass per mole of each atom in the compound and addin... More » Science Chemistry

The Lewis dot structure for H2SO4, or sulfuric acid, features sulfur at the center surrounded by four oxygen atoms. Two hydrogen atoms attach to two oxygen atoms. The elements are abbreviated by their chemical symbols li... More »

Krypton difluoride, or KrF2, has the Lewis structure of a krypton atom with 3 lone pairs, single bonded to two fluorine atoms, each also containing 3 lone pairs. Krypton has 8 valence electrons, whereas fluorine contains... More »

The Lewis structure for SO2 can be written in a few ways, including the form with an S at the center with two pairs of double lines connecting to an O on each side. The S has two dots on it, while each O has four dots. More »

The Lewis structure of CO2 consists of the symbol for carbon, C, connected to two oxygen symbols surrounded by four dots each. The connections are both made with two parallel lines. Each chemical symbol represents one at... More »

To draw a Lewis dot structure for sulfur dibromide (SBr2), write an S to represent sulfur with a Br for bromine on either side of it, and then put two dots on the top, bottom and either side of these three elements to re... More » Science Chemistry