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Water is a chemical because it is made of matter. Matter is any object that takes up space and has mass. Although water is a liquid, it still has mass and occupies space.


Depends is a name brand of adult disposable diapers and pads designed for people with urinary or fecal incontinence. The brand is manufactured by Kimberly-Clark and was first introduced in 1984.


Toyota Corolla, Nissan LEAF and Honda Civic are the compact cars with top ratings for dependability according to J.D. Power and Associates. Chevrolet Malibu, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry are reliable midsize cars.


The strength of the interatomic and intermolecular bonds in a material as well as the temperature and pressure determine the state of matter that it assumes. Material states at different temperatures and pressures are represented by phase diagrams.


Plants and animals depend on each other for several reasons, including production of food, eradication of harmful pests and even propagation. Some interactions between plants and animals are detrimental, such as the serious injury or harm that occurs when animals eat to...


In math, a dependent variable is one in an expression, equation or function that depends upon one or more other variables' values to determine its value. The dependent variable is usually isolated on one side of an equation. For example, "x" is the dependent variable in...


In American English, “dependant” is a rare alternative spelling of “dependent,” which means “relying on someone or something else for aid, support” or “a person who is financially supported by someone else.” However, British English treats “dependant” as a noun form of ...