Recipes for homemade ravioli are available on, and The recipes include a variety of fillings such as cheese, beef and spinach, as well as sauces such as marinara and pesto-alfredo... More » Food Cooking

A recipe for brown butter sauce from Giada de Laurentiis is available from the Food Network website. A brown butter sauce is a classic to go with squash ravioli. More » Food Cooking

The Food Network and the New York Times provide good recipes for ravioli filling that contains spinach. Both recipes include ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. More » Food Cooking Vegetables
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To find Taste of Home cake recipes, click Cakes under Recipes at You also can do a keyword search on the website using the the search query "cake" or type in a specific type of cake to peruse all corresp... More » Food Cooking

Recipes for homemade Irish cream are available at, on Taste of Home magazine's website, The Irish cream produced from the instructions keeps for two months if refrigerated. More » Food Cooking Desserts

Recipes for homemade chicken pot pie are available at The website splits its recipes into four different categories: recommended, popular, quick and easy, and healthy. More » Food Cooking

Easy party appetizers consist of a variety of textures and flavors in one single bite that are easy to eat with the fingers and easy to make, such as goat cheese roll-ups, cucumber caviar rounds and fried ravioli. Dips a... More » Food Cooking