The ground wire connects the car's battery to its metal chassis, completing a circuit. Without the ground wire, a car's electrical circuitry will not work. More »

Wire a new car stereo using a wire harness, along with speaker wire if necessary. Disconnect the ground wire from the car battery before you start work. Wire the speakers first, and then wire the head unit. Connect the a... More » Technology

Green or bare copper wires are always ground wires. Devices that do not have proper ground wires are vulnerable to shorting out and causing a fire. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

A drawing of a three-way circuit should include the power source, a two-wire cable with a ground wire connecting to the power source on one end and the light fixture on the other, three-way switches, a three-wire cable w... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

A car is typically built from the ground upwards and its main parts are the chassis and the body or outer shell. The chassis includes the engine, drive train, brakes and tires, and all this is covered by the body of the ... More »

To use a steering wheel puller to remove a steering wheel, first disconnect the ground wire from the vehicle's battery. Next, disassemble the wheel, removing horn wiring, buttons and turn signal actuators. Remove the hor... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Some tips for wiring 240 volt outlets include obtaining the necessary permits, using a circuit breaker of 240 volts, using a deep and wide outlet box, connecting the ground wire, and grounding a metal outlet box. Also, u... More »