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PrintablePaper.net, WalletHub.com and Vertex42.com offer printable checking account check registers. Printable Paper also offers lined paper and graph paper in hexagonal, octagonal, pentagonal and other unusual shapes. It has music and dot paper, legal and ledger paper, comic paper and teacher resou


A checking account register is an organizer to help account holders track their checking or savings account balance. In the register, check and debit card transactions and account deposits are recorded in keeping an updated running balance, explains TheMint.


Most office software can produce checkbook registers to print; in addition, users have created register templates for Microsoft Excel, Google Docs and LibreOffice that others can download and print for free. These template allows users to enter check amounts on the computer instead of writing them.


Downloadable and printable blank check registers can be found on document resource websites such as Your Printable PDF or Printable Paper, as well as on educational websites like Activities for Kids. Most websites feature the printable blank check registers in either PDF format or image format.


While the specific steps for registering a checking account for online banking vary between financial institutions, most involve visiting the online banking section of the institution's website and creating an profile that links to your account. Some banks also include the online banking registratio


A checking account is a transactional bank account through which a person can make deposits and withdrawals of money, according to Investopedia. The money held in checking accounts is considered highly liquid because the account owner can easily withdraw it via checks or electronic debits.


A checkbook register is an index used to track transactions from a bank account, notes The Mint. Checkbook registers typically include columns for the payee, date, check number, debits, credits and balance.


Some checking accounts are free, says About.com. The accounts can be truly free, particularly at some banks or credit unions, while others are free because of fee waivers.


Each bank offers a variety of different checking account types, including free accounts, basic accounts and joint accounts. Some banks also offer special custodial accounts for teens or students, accounts for individuals with low income or money market accounts for investing.


There are many places online to purchase checks for your checking account, including 4checks, CheckAdvantage, Checks Unlimited, Vistaprint and Walmart. Each of these websites offer a wide variety of check designs, including animals, cartoon characters, nature, patriotic and seasonal.