Check the VIN number on a vehicle by running it through a history report or calling the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles will have general information in regards to title ownership; however,... More »

It is not possible to find out personal information about vehicle owners by conducting a vehicle identification number search. The identity of vehicle owners is protected by the Drivers Privacy Prevention Act, which forb... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

The National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Department of Public Safety can both be used to perform a search of reported stolen vehicles. VINCheck from the NICB also allows you to see if the vehicle is listed as salvaged... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

A 13-digit VIN history report, typically used by potential used-car buyers, provides historical information on a particular vehicle. If an older vehicle does not have a 13-digit number, this report it not available. More »

The information attached to the VIN number of a used car can be found by obtaining a vehicle history report, according to Many online companies, such as Carfax, offer VIN number checks to determine the history o... More »

The history of a vehicle can be retrieved using the VIN, or vehicle identification number, because the VIN is always written on repair and accident records. When a VIN is looked up, all the records that are associated wi... More »

A VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a unique 17-digit alphanumeric serial number. This number is used by the automotive industry to identify each vehicle, motorcycle, moped, scooter and towed vehicle. More » Vehicles DMV & Records