A check payment is a mode of payment drawn against deposited funds in a bank account. It orders the bank to pay a specific amount of money on demand to an entity whose name appears on the check. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

An e-check is basically an electronic version of a bank check. The e-check is based on paper check laws and has the same characteristics as traditional checks, but in electronic form. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Electronic checks, or e-checks, are a simple and reliable way to pay invoices and bills online or by phone, according to E-checks are a popular, convenient and secure bill payment alternative to credit and debi... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking
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You can use electronic checks with PayPal by linking your PayPal account to a bank account of yours and pull funds directly from that bank account for payment. When you send money via an electronic check or eCheck, PayPa... More »

Some payment options for Duke Energy in North Carolina are online payment for paperless billing, automatic withdrawals from a bank account, paying with electronic check and payment with a debit or credit card. Duke Energ... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

FirstEnergy utility bills can be paid by a variety of methods that include credit or debit card, automatic withdrawal from a bank account, payment through an automated phone service, mailing a check or making an in-perso... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

A dishonored check is defined as a check that has been presented to a banking institution for payment and has been returned to the depositor due to insufficient funds. Dishonored checks are also referred to as bounced ch... More »