Southwest flight status can be checked using the "Check Flight Status" tool at the Southwest website. This requires users to input the departure city or airport code, the arrival city or airport code, the date of travel ... More » Geography

You can check the status of a JetBlue flight by going directly to the JetBlue website. Click on the link "Manage flights" and from there, click on "Check flight status". You can check the flight status information of a f... More » Geography

The status of AeroMexico flights may be obtained by visiting the airline homepage at and selecting 'Flight status' from the 'TOOLS' header. At the ensuing page, travelers enter their flight number in the s... More » Geography
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The Southwest website allows a visitor to enter his flight number and get the current status of the flight. There are also websites such as FlightAware that provide live, up-to-date alerts about a flight. More » Geography

Southwest Airlines flight status updates can be accessed by visiting Southwest Airlines' official website and selecting the "Flight Status" menu tab located on the front page. Users can check flight status by entering th... More » Geography

To check on the status of a Southwest flight, automated flight information is available at 1-888-792-8747, as of 2015. The airline's customer service line is 1-800-445-5764. This number sends the customer to a live opera... More » Geography

To check the status of a flight on Icelandair, go to the official website, and click on the Flight Status tab on the main page. From there, enter the route or flight number, and select whether the flight is departing or ... More » Geography