A buyer looking to purchase the cheapest iPhones possible need to first decide if she wants a new or used model, as each carries different considerations. Cheap used iPhones may be damaged or older models, and thus have ... More »

In general, prepaid phone plans offer significant savings over plans with contracts, so comparing prepaid rates among major carriers can lead to significant savings. However, these plans require users to pay for their ph... More »

The cheapest way to repair an iPhone or other type of smartphone is to buy a kit and replace the broken component without hiring a professional. Those who don't want to perform the work themselves may want to hire a loca... More »

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Rumors that spread about iPhones involve changes in the design of the upcoming model of the phone and the launch of a new iOS version for the upcoming iPhone, notes CNET. Another rumor includes improvements in the camera... More »

Wrist straps for iPhones are used to keep the phone within easy reach at all times, which comes in handy when wanting to take last minute photos or make videos without fear of dropping the iPhone. The lanyard, or neck st... More »

Apple's company website provides up-to-date official information and photos of iPhones. Photos of iPhone features, usage guides, apps and accessories are also posted on technology websites such as More »

Generally, iPhones come with non-expandable memory, and many Android phones allow memory expansion up to 128 GB. Android uses the Android operating system to power its phones, and the iPhone uses Apple's iOS. More »