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Leasing a car is a good deal for drivers who trade their vehicle every two to three years, according to Kiplinger.com. However, before signing the lease, it is essential that the driver negotiate the terms to meet his particular driving habits and understands the contract. Consumers who typically co


As of 2015, the cheapest cars available in the United States include the Nissan Versa, Chevy Spark, Kia Rio LX and the Ford Fiesta, according to Autobytel. Each of these automobiles sell for less than $15,000 brand new.


Lists of the year's cheapest new cars can often be found on money or car sites such as AutoTrader.com or Forbes.com. Car review sites such as Edmunds.com or MotorTrend.com can also be used to sort cars by a particular feature, including price.


Leasing a car for one month can be done by taking over an existing lease from someone who wishes to get out of his car lease. Lease transfers can be as short as one month, or extend for several years, according to CarsDirect.


In the United States, Oregon is the least expensive state in which to purchase a car, while Alaska, New Hampshire, Montana and Hawaii follow close behind. The price of car ownership includes several factors, such as state and local taxes, the cost of state registration and dealer documentation fees.


When a leased vehicle is a total loss, the insurance company determines its cash value and pays that amount to the lease company. Unless the individual leasing the vehicle has gap coverage, he is responsible for any difference in the amount insurance pays and the terms of the lease.


The benefits of leasing a car, according to U.S. News & World Report, include affordability, an applicable manufacturer's warranty and convenience. Costs are generally lower, and most lease agreement warranties covers vehicle repairs during the first few years.


To break a car lease, return the car to the dealership, notes J.D. Power and Associates. You can also break a vehicle lease by trading in the car for another vehicle or selling the vehicle to another person. The exact method for breaking the car lease depends on the terms of the lease.


Good credit is typically required when leasing a car. In fact, good credit is more important when leasing a vehicle than when renting or buying a vehicle.


When insuring a leased car, the insurance is most likely mandatory and the limits might be higher. The owner is typically required to use original replacement parts only. It's good to have gap insurance when leasing a car in case the car is ever stolen or totaled.