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BatteriesPlus.com and AutoZone.com provide prices for car batteries. Additionally, local auto repair shops can help customers find the correct batteries and provide a list of prices.


As long as a car battery's structure is not compromised or damaged, a cheaper battery poses no more danger than a state-of-the-art one does. Provided the person uses common sense when purchasing or handling car batteries, there is nothing to worry about.


The average price of a maintenance-free battery — the most common car battery — ranges from $170 to $300, as of 2012, according to CarsDirect. The prices of typical cheap car batteries with sizes of 24, 65 or 75 range from $45 to $90.


A car battery is made of a thick plastic case, lead-based positive and negative internal plates, plate separators, lead terminals and electrolytes. The manufacturing process varies slightly between battery manufacturers, but most are made in similar ways.


There are five main types of car batteries: nonsealed wet, sealed wet, wet marine starting, standard absorbed glass mat and sealed spiral-wound absorbed glass mat. Wet batteries contain a liquid electrolyte and are also called flooded-cell batteries. AGM batteries suspend the electrolyte in a mesh o


The ten best car batteries are the Optima Red Top, Odyssey Extreme series 1200, Braille Battery B3121C Carbon Fiber, XS Power XP950, XS Power D3400 XS, Odyssey PC925, XS Power D925, XS Power S375 S, Kinetik 1200 Blu and Optima's YellowTop, according to EZVID as of 2015.


While the best car battery at the most economic value depends on the type of vehicle the battery is for, options from Bosch, Everstart and Kirkland Signature are highly regarded. A good car battery should be long-lasting, reliable, and perform well in a range of climate and driving conditions.


Car batteries are classified into various types, including wet or flooded batteries, calcium-calcium batteries, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, deep cycle batteries, and lithium ion batteries, according to CarsDirect. The wet battery is a popular because of its low price.


The most common signs of a bad car battery include the vehicle backfiring, dimming of headlights while driving, problems with electrical systems in the car and the vehicle not starting. These issues arise at any time. It is important to monitor the lifespan of a battery and ensure that connections a


To change a car battery, loosen the nuts that secure the cables to the terminals, and then lift the battery out of the car to exchange it for a new one. Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from acid leaks.