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To print business cards, purchase blank perforated cards at the local business supply store, design the card using a template, load the business card sheets into the printer, and print. Carefully separate the cards at the perforations.


Small businesses can print their own business cards from free templates, notes Brother. However, business owners will still have to invest money in a printer, ink and business card stock.


To print your own business cards, buy perforated business card sheets, find a word processing or card design program, design and print a sample business card, and reproduce the card on the remaining sheets to the desired quantity. View and study different card layouts b...


Those who own a computer with Microsoft Word can use this software to create business cards and print them out at home, according to Microsoft. In Microsoft Word, business cards are available as an Avery template, but can be modified as needed.


The benefits of mass business card printing include a reduced price per card. Online templates make it easy to order a mass printing of cards from printers such as Vista Print.


Tips for designing and printing business cards include having a purpose in mind, utilizing the back of the card, using high quality paper and sizing the card appropriately. An effective business card is memorable, even in a pile of other cards.


To print greeting cards from home, load the paper into your printer, set your printing template to the correct size, and print the card. For the design, either use a greeting card website that offers printable cards, or use a program to create your own design.