Chat rooms are computer-enabled extensions of human interaction. They allow individuals to connect in real time with other people who wish to discuss various topics and issues, exchange information and intermingle social... More »

Some love chat rooms - such as,, and - allow visitors to join a chat room without creating an account. Visitors can also create personal accounts on and C... More »

Singles chat rooms are online chats for single people looking for others to date. Singles chats may be video chats that require a webcam. Online chats are commonly a blend of both text and video chat so that more people ... More » Technology Social Media

AirG Chat works by letting users access different chat rooms on their mobile devices. Users talk to each other and meet friends or new people. As of 2015, AirG Chat offers free membership but only works with mobile web s... More » Technology Social Media

A selection of no-charge, all-ages video chat rooms are available at 321Chat. The family-friendly, chat-oriented website offers separate video chat areas for youngsters and adult chat room participants. More » Technology Social Media

VietFun is a website offering multiple chat rooms for Vietnamese singles; the service has rooms for teens, users in their twenties and people over 30. It also includes location-based rooms, such as VietCali and VietTexas... More » Technology Social Media

Some free online chat rooms for singles include and The user does not need to create an account to join these two chat rooms. More » Technology Social Media