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Instagram is a social networking website based upon sharing pictures with other users. Instagram allows users to take a photograph and then use one of the site's filters to alter the picture before uploading it so that other users can see it and post comments about it.


Instagram is a mobile application available for download on Android, iOS and Windows 8 and above mobile devices. After downloading the app, create an Instagram account to start sharing and viewing pictures and videos from your mobile devices or computer.


The social media site Instagram showcases users' photos and videos to followers, who in turn may "like" posts by double-clicking the image or video. To maximize likes, social media experts suggest posting one to two photos or videos a day, tagging with hashtags to help users discover them, and focus


The simplest way to obtain over 100 likes on Instagram is to take good photos, use captivating filters, and research and use appropriate hashtags. An interesting photo draws likes, and the appropriate hashtags show the picture to specific audiences.


Instagram users take digital photographs and then apply Instagram's filters to transform the pictures. The users then post the photographs to their Instagram accounts, allowing friends and family to share the imags instantly.


To get started on Instagram, all that is needed is an Internet connection, the ability to create a unique username and access to the Instagram app. Users can create Instagram accounts from their computers, smartphones or other Internet-capable devices.


Open your Instagram profile, and locate the Instagram ID for the people you want to follow. Click on Follow when a profile you want to follow comes up. Wait for the person to approve your request if her profile is private.


Instagram users initially get followers by connecting with friends who are already members. Several other interactions on the photo-sharing platform may also garner followers, such as following someone first in the hope of getting followed back, uploading remarkable photos, and giving photos popular


In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock. Its two owners, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, agreed to the deal only a month after claiming they had no interest in selling. There has been little change in how Instagram operates since its buyout.


Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger worked together to create Instagram. They began development in 2009, when they decided to repurpose another app, and made Instagram available to users in October of 2010.