A primary teeth chart is a graphical representation of the first teeth that develop in a child's mouth, showing their location, tooth type, and when they usually emerge and fall out. Primary teeth are generally replaced ... More » Health Dental

Starting with number one, the maxillary third molar on the right-hand side, dental charts using the universal numbering system increase by one for each tooth around the top of the mouth. The numbering continues with the ... More » Health Dental

The names of the teeth on a dental chart, beginning in the very back of the upper right quadrant of the jaw, are the wisdom tooth or third molar, the second molar and the first molar. In front of that is the second bicus... More » Health Dental
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Types of dental diagrams include the maxillary arch, mandibular arch, fixed orthodontic appliances, dental implant, primary teeth and permanent teeth. Dental diagrams focus on certain sets of teeth or certain procedures ... More » Health Dental

A tooth chart for kids, such as those offered by Mouth Healthy and the Canadian Dental Association, indicates where teeth are located in the mouth, the name of the teeth, and the age of the child when each tooth is expec... More » Health Dental Dental Hygiene

Gold is used in dentistry because it is less reactive in the mouth, and is durable, appealing and gentle on opposing teeth, according to Dr. Martha Rich. Gold is preferred for teeth filling due to its strength in withsta... More » Health Dental

The advantages of an upper molar tooth extraction include reducing the risk for infection when teeth are decaying and providing additional space for an overcrowded mouth for teeth to move with orthodontic braces, states ... More » Health Dental