According to Global Post, a well-written paragraph has a clear and concise topic sentence or controlling idea, logical flow, smooth transitions between thoughts, and a concluding sentence that summarizes the paragraph. A... More »

A character reference contains information about who the writer is, what his connection is to the person he is recommending, and specifics about that person's good qualities and skills, states Depending on the... More »

A good paragraph focuses on one idea and consists of several sentences all relating to this idea. The four elements necessary to a good paragraph are unity, coherence, a topic sentence and adequate development. More »

To write a good topic sentence, the writer must identify the main idea of the paragraph. This must be balanced with being general enough to include the entire paragraph and supporting details. More »

A subtopic sentence is the topic sentence of each body paragraph in an multi-paragraph essay. Subtopic sentences describe different smaller topics under the main topic of the essay, which is described in the thesis state... More »

A topic sentence specifies the main point of the writer’s paragraph, and it is usually located at the start of the paragraph as the first sentence. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence to give the reader a gen... More » Education Writing

The components of a good paragraph are a topic sentence that introduces what the paragraph is going to be about, body sentences that explain the idea of the paragraph, and a concluding sentence that sums up what was said... More »