Char-Broil's 2008 cookbook "Everybody Grills" has more than 200 recipes for grilled or barbecued appetizers, vegetables, main courses, seafood and desserts. It also includes 250 full color photos and information on how t... More » Food Cooking

An easy London broil recipe for beginners is balsamic glazed London broil. Along with a London broil, this recipe requires only salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, garlic and a bay leaf. More » Food Cooking

To use a Char-Broil gas grill, turn off the gas valve on the propane tank, turn off all of the grill knobs, attach the tank to the grill, secure the gas lines, hand tighten the nuts and valves and check for leaks. To use... More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Free recipes for Filipino cuisine, or Lutong Pinoy, including recipes for beef, chicken, pork, seafood and desserts are available online at and Recipes for breakf... More » Food Cooking

Most infrared grills come with a cooking guide, but there are also cookbooks on the subject. One of the most commonly referenced grilling cookbooks is "Everybody Grills!" As of 2015, the book is sold on the publisher's w... More » Food Cooking

Ninja recipe books contain recipes for numerous shakes and smoothies, fruit and vegetable soups and salads. In addition, there are several salsa and dip recipes for appetizers, and some recipes for food items such as bur... More » Food Cooking

The Silver Palate website contains a wide variety of recipes, including appetizers, main dishes, pasta dishes, salads and desserts. Some specific recipes on the website include raspberry fudge-filled oatmeal cookies, apr... More » Food Cooking