CliffsNotes and SparkNotes both publish summaries of various works of literature on their websites. Both websites feature chapter summaries of two or three chapters at a time. More » Education

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To write a book chapter summary, consider the settings of the chapter, the characters, the theme and any supporting idea that gives flesh to the theme, such as what the characters do and when, where and why they do it. T... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

There are several websites that provide free book notes and chapter summaries including Spark Notes, CliffsNotes and Shmoop. Spark Notes and CliffsNotes provide literary resources, while Shmoop offers help in several sub... More » Art & Literature Literature

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Many websites offer free dictionaries, including Wiktionary, The Free Dictionary and Merriam-Webster. These websites allow users to see the definitions of most words in the English language. More » Education