To change the startup programs on a computer, open the MSConfig Windows tool, and enable and disable programs to your liking. You need a system with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To make your computer run faster, clear your cookies, perform a security scan, update your operating system and reduce the number of programs that run automatically during startup. This process takes 30 minutes to a coup... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The location of the startup folder on a computer depends on the operating system the computer uses. In Windows 7 the startup folder is in All Programs on the Start menu. On Windows 8, the startup folder is found by using... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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Volume 2 is a tool that lets you control your computer's volume using your mouse wheel or keyboard. To download this software, go to and enter "volume 2" in the search text box. On the search results page, c... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The purpose of a computer monitor is to display text and graphics produced by computer programs and to provide a visual interface for computer users. Monitors look like television sets and attach to the main computer uni... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer that can be seen and touched, while software is simply a collection of programs, data and procedures that perform various tasks on the computer system. Software can be ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

It is possible to type something and have the computer say it back with the use of specific Web pages and other speech recognition software or programs. An example of a website that can be visited to perform this functio... More » Technology Computers & Hardware