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As of 2014, the ability to change a browser's homepage is located in the Options menu of the browser. By opening the menu and typing in the URL for the homepage, you instruct the browser to boot with that page loaded each time.


According to TechTarget, a homepage refers to the first Web page that loads after launching an Internet browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. It can also refer to the first page that loads up when opening a website.


Change your homepage to a different website by indicating another website as the homepage in the settings of your browser of choice. The process is different for each browser.


To change your homepage to Yahoo, click the Tools icon, and select Internet Options. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the General tab, and enter http://my.yahoo.com in the “Home Page” box. Click Apply, and OK to save the changes.


To make Google your homepage on Internet Explorer, click the Tools icon, and select Internet Options from the menu. Click the General tab, and enter http://www.google.com in the Home Page section of the pop-up. Click OK, and restart your browser to see the new homepage.


Change your default home page in Firefox using the options in the Preferences section. You can also drag and drop an open tab onto the Home icon; this allows you to change the home page without using the Preferences section. You need an Internet-ready computer with Firefox installed.


To change your homepage to the MSN webpage, update the settings under Tools or Options in your web browser. Instructions for updating the homepage vary by browser. Microsoft browsers allow you to select MSN, and you can manually enter the address for MSN.com in other browsers.


Users can set Google as the homepage by clicking "Chrome Menu" at the top of the browser window and then going to "Appearance" and "Show Home Button." There, a user can choose his or her homepage.


Change the homepage of a web browser by going into browser settings and changing the Home or Startup settings. The exact fields depend on whether the browser is Internet Explorer, Chrome or something else. Users who find their homepages changed without their authorization may need malware remover so


The exact method to use to make a webpage a person's homepage varies based on the browser a person is using. To set Facebook as the homepage on the Mozilla Firefox browser, the website for Facebook is opened and set as the home page by going to the "Options" part of the menu. The user can click "Use