As of today, the average salary for a CFL player is $91,071 Canadian dollars (CAD) per season. The salary cap for each team is $5.1 million. The minimum player salary is $52,000, increasing by $1,000 per year until 2018.... More »

On average, National Football League players make around 24 times more money than Canadian Football League players, according to official 2013 salary statistics. The average CFL salary is $80,000 per year, while the aver... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Soccer/Football

The average salary of a player in the Canadian Football League is approximately $80,000 CAD a year, according to Sports Illustrated. As of 2014, there is a salary cap of $5 million CAD per team in the League. More »

The minimum annual salary for an American Hockey League (AHL) player for the 2014-2015 hockey season is $42,375 U.S. dollars for American hockey clubs and $43,905 Canadian dollars for Canadian clubs. Players on loan from... More »

Players in the CFL, or Canadian Football League, earn $80,000 a season on average as of mid-2014, as stated by "Sports Illustrated." The minimum beginning salary for a CFL rookie is $50,000 a season. CFL players receive ... More »

American professional basketball players are the highest paid based on average salaries, with an average NBA player making $4.6 million in the 2014-2015 season. That can be attributed at least partially to the relatively... More »

Eight players make the 2014 to 2015 season's minimum salary for an NBA player of $507,336 a season. They are Tyler Johnson, Russ Smith, Pierre Jackson, Bryce Cotton, JaMychal Green, Eric Moreland, Erick Green and Markel ... More »