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Side Effects & Safety High doses of cesium might be UNSAFE.There are reports of severe life-threatening low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat in some people who took high doses of cesium for ...


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Cesium Chloride is administered intravenously into a vein or through a medical port. Rare side effects of Cesium Chloride include inflammation, swelling and pain, muscle cramps, feet and your fingertips feeling like needles and pins, or a tingly prickly feeling in your hands or on your face, nausea, and vomiting.


For an alternative cancer treatment, the cesium chloride cancer protocol has many serious side effects. They include nausea, syncope, ventricular tachycardia, hypokalemia and diarrhea. The most common is hypokalemia, which is a reduction of potassium levels.


Cesium chloride (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Medical science is still seeking ways to cure and prevent cancer, which is becoming a major issue against global health.Although chemotherapy and radiotherapy have proved themselves to be quite satisfactory, they often involve several side effects.


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No existing drug matches the advantages of cesium chloride against cancer: the evident ability to enter the cancer cell together with the pH rise, as well as the high remission rate and lack of observed side effects at therapeutic dose. Generally safe and non-toxic substances such as cesium chloride are a viable alternative . . .


There are many side effects of Liquid Cesium Chloride including inflammation, swelling and pain, muscle cramps, feet turning purple or feeling frost bite when you have taken too much liquid cesium chloride, your finger tips feeling like needles and pins, or a tingly prickly feeling in your hands or on your face, nausea and vomiting (if you have taken cesium internally - note liquid cesium ...


Reported adverse effects of cesium chloride intake include syncope, hypokalemia, diarrhea, and ventricular tachycardia with prolonged QT interval . No randomized clinical trials have been conducted using oral cesium chloride as a cancer treatment.


Other cases of using cesium chloride as an alternative cancer treatment have also involved serious side effects, such as life-threatening heart rhythm problems, loss of consciousness, seizures and ...