Cesium sulfate is a compound formed by grouping two cesium ions, two oxygen atoms, two oxygen ions and one sulfur atom. It's usually found as a cesium salt compound with a chemical formula of Cs2SO4. More »

The chemical formula for the compound cesium perchlorate is CsClO4. The molecular formula is used to describe the atoms of each element contained within the compound. More »

The formula for cesium sulfide is Cs2S. It is formed when two atoms of cesium join with a single atom of sulfur and is a very mild acid that can be dissolved in water. It is also a salt that is associated with sulfuric a... More »

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Cesium bromide is an ionic compound composed of cesium and bromide. Its chemical formula is CsBr ,and it has the appearance of a white solid matter with a cubic structure. More »

Tin(IV) sulfate is a chemical compound composed of one atom of tin and two ions of sulfate, which is broken down into two atoms of sulfur and eight atoms of oxygen. It is represented by the chemical formula Sn(SO4)2. More »

Mercury(II) sulfate is a chemical compound represented by the molecular formula HgSO4 that contains one atom of mercury, one atom of sulfur and four atoms of oxygen. It is a toxic substance that can cause health problems... More »

A chlorite ion consists of one chlorine atom covalently bonded to two oxygen atoms. Chlorite ions are also known as chlorine dioxide ions or dioxidochlorate. More »