In some states, a high school certificate of completion represents completion of high-school-level required courses. In other states across the United States, the certificate is presented to students who are not on track... More » Education K-12

Create a certificate of completion by downloading a template and customizing it in a word process, graphic design for presentation program by adding in the name of the recipient and the completed activity. Alternately, m... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

To print a certificate of completion for a course, go to the school's website, log into the online system, search for a list of completed courses and click on the appropriate link to print the certificate. Students can t... More » Education K-12

Some ways an adult can earn a high school diploma includes enrolling in a diploma completion program at a community college, pursuing a high school diploma online or taking a state high school diploma equivalency test. A... More »

Pacific High School Online Education program is an internationally accredited institution, and its diplomas are accepted by colleges and employers as proof of high school completion. It teaches classes for students on ev... More »

A high school equivalency diploma is a certificate of completion of high school requirements that allows students to obtain employment or continue their education. To obtain a high school equivalency diploma, students mu... More »

A high school diploma is the certificate awarded to high school students upon graduation. Earning the diploma indicates that the student met all of the criteria set forth by the state's board of education to graduate fro... More »