Design blank diploma certificates by adding a colorful solid line border or a lined border that includes graduation hat graphics at the corners of the certificate. Alternatively, place a bow graphic vertically on one sid... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Creative gift certificate designs might include a picture of the recipient on the front of the certificate next to the company's logo or they might shape the form of the certificate to match a product, such as a slice of... More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

As of 2015, customizable gift certificates can be purchased on the websites for Staples, 123Print, and Vistaprint. Each retailer offers customers the option of choosing from templates or uploading a design. More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

Digital design is the branch of graphic design that uses computers, graphics tablets and other electronic devices to create graphics and designs for the Web, television, print and portable electronic devices. More »

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A high school diploma is the certificate awarded to high school students upon graduation. Earning the diploma indicates that the student met all of the criteria set forth by the state's board of education to graduate fro... More »

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