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The center of interest in art is the main focus of a drawing, painting or photograph, also known as focal point. The center of interest does not have to be the center of an art piece; however, it is the key element that defines it, and its interest is not diminished through other competing elements


Color in art is based on color theory, which is composed of three basic parts: the color wheel hue, color value and color schemes. Color is the element in art of reflected light that is interpreted by the eye.


Pop art often contains material that is visually outside of its original context or that is combined with unrelated material. This art movement started in Britain in the mid-1950s and in the United States later that decade.


In art, scale refers to the size ratio between everything within the image. Using a scale allows the size relationships between objects to appear real or believable.


Overlapping in art is the placement of objects over one another in order to create the illusion of depth. Painting is a two-dimensional artistic expression. It has length and width but no depth. It is necessary, therefore, for artists to provide viewers with some sort of perspective in establishing


Many art centers offer drawing classes for children as part of their curricula. Since a primary purpose of art centers is promoting art appreciation within the community, they frequently seek to instill in children as young as 3 to 5 years old a love of drawing and other art forms.


Some interesting uses for money clip art include making informative brochures for financial planning or services, designing web pages for an accounting business and creating greeting cards or scrapbooks for banks and insurance firms. Money clip art also adds visual variety to presentation slides and


High art is a concept used by societies to describe art that is created by a culturally renowned artist and is not accessible to lower classes. Classifying art is subjective, so what one group considers high art may be considered low art by another.


In communication arts, students study the art of human communication in an ever-changing technological society. Communication arts broadly includes studies and professions that deal with graphic and visual design such as graphic design, graphic arts, art direction, corporate design and other areas.


Body art uses the human body as a means of artistic expression. Body art includes piercing, tattooing, painting or scarring, and it can include adornments, such as clothes, shoes and hair coloring.