Online U.S. Census records provide information about family names, birth dates and locations, residency, marriages and occupations. The National Archives does not make Census information available online, but some compan... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Because the U.S. census occurs every 10 years, there is no 1901 census. However, 1900 and 1910 census records are available. Online sources such as have fully digitized, searchable census records, but they u... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The website of the United States Census Bureau contains extensive archives. All census information after 1940 is available on the site; earlier records are maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration. More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Census records from Canada provide information about the age, ethnic origin, religious denomination, occupation and the place of birth of the listed persons. Individuals, community groups, organizations, corporations and... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Find your ancestors by speaking to relatives and asking for specific information, such as birth dates, marriages, places they lived, military service and their occupations, as well as their parents, siblings and other fa... More » Family Genealogy

Census records that are at least 72 years old can be viewed for free from libraries that have a census subscription. Information from censuses conducted between 1790 and 1940 are available via these subscription services... More » Government & Politics Public Records

U.S. Census records as far back as 1790 are available at Users can contact the U.S. Census Bureau if they need copies of printed reports. More » Government & Politics Public Records