Celtic designs are rich in history and possess a number of different meanings. Much of what is known about Celtic symbolism is conjecture due to the fact that few written records survived into the modern age. More »

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The Celtic Cross, spiral designs, Tuim Knot, dragon designs and "Tree of Life" are some of the Celtic art designs that can be found for free online at resources such as Canstockphoto.com. Each of these Celtic art designs... More »

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There are no Celtic symbols that mean "brotherhood;" however, the Brother of the Arrow is generally substituted as one. The Brother of the Arrow is a Celtic symbol that was used on warriors who were heading out to war, a... More »

The traditional rhyme about the meaning of the day of your birth is "Monday's Child is Fair of Face" by Mother Goose. The words of the poem are used to associate people, especially children, with a personality or pattern... More »

This bedtime prayer appears to have originated during the Middle to Modern English period and is possibly derived from a prayer sometimes referred to as the White Paternoster or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are se... More »

The role of an owl as a bad omen stretches back to ancient mythology in a number of cultures. Many cultures believe that owls signal an underworld, represent death or human spirits after death. Owls are not, however, uni... More »

In Greek mythology, there are 16 Titans, 14 Olympian gods and a large number of demigods, or half-god and half-human hybrids. The Titans ruled during the Greek Golden Age from Mount Olympus, but were overthrown by the Ol... More »

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