The process of texting using a mobile phone varies depending on the model of the phone. For instance, texting using a smartphone that has a full keyboard is quite different from texting using an older model cell phone. H... More » Technology Mobile

Cell phone carriers often charge for text messaging because each text message uses bandwidth. While most text messages use a very small amount of bandwidth, they do take up data space. More » Technology Mobile

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When someone uses the single letter "b" in a text, it usually means the word "be." Granted, definitions for letters and symbols that are used as shorthand can vary among mobile users, everyone understands "be" to unequi... More »

Neil Papworth sent the first text message in 1992. At the time, mobile phones did not have keyboards, so Papworth, a telecom developer, sent the text via computer. The first mobile phones with Short Message Service capab... More » Technology Mobile

Some phone abbreviations used in texting include: 4COL, ^5, LOL and NP. The abbreviation 4COL means ?for crying out loud,? ^5 is short for ?high five,? LOL stands for ?laughing out loud? and NP is ?no problem.? More » Technology Mobile