Cellphone repair shops typically provide services to replace cracked or damaged screens on smartphones, install new charging or headphone ports, fix buttons that stick, and diagnose other internal issues. Some shops also... More » Technology Mobile

As of February 2015, several different online cell phone stores and providers offer free shipping for cell phones and accessories. Some exclusions, terms and conditions apply, though. More » Technology Mobile

Verizon Wireless, Straight Talk and T-Mobile are cell phone retailers that offer free shipping. Verizon and T-Mobile provide free shipping on all device orders, and Straight Talk provides free shipping on all device orde... More » Technology Mobile
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People can use a variety of online resources and applications to track a cell phone for free; these services are free and utilize the GPS feature of Android or iOS smartphones. Different trackers require an account set u... More » Technology Mobile

Cellairis and Cell Phone Repair offer in-store screen repair services for cracked cell phone screens. Best Buy also offers screen repairs through its Geek Squad service. Computer repairs can be done in-store or on-site, ... More » Technology Mobile

Cellphone data is any type of data transferred over a phone, such as text, video, images or GPS data. Every request sent from and transferred to a phone uses monthly bandwidth and can cause users to go over monthly allow... More » Technology Mobile

Cellphone usage can be monitored through a tracking application, such as My Mobile Watchdog, TeenSafe or mSpy, as of May 2015. Tracking applications are only legal on the cellphone of a child or employee, and the person ... More » Technology Mobile