You send pictures from a computer to a cell phone by e-mailing the picture to the phone's MMS address or to an e-mail account that is accessible on the phone. You can also connect the phone to the computer via USB and tr... More » Technology Mobile

The most common methods for transferring pictures from a cellphone to a computer are by direct connection, through a backup service or with the use of a microSD card. Methods available depend on the type of cellphone bei... More » Technology Mobile

To recycle your cell phone, you must first delete any personal information and remove the batteries, which may need to be recycled separately. When ready, recycle your phone by sending it to a manufacturer, retailer or t... More » Technology Mobile
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The easiest way to send a picture from a computer to a cell phone is by email. Attach the selected picture to an email, and send it to the recipient's phone number. Most phones enable the user to download the image direc... More » Technology Mobile

You can turn your cell phone into a scanner by downloading an app that takes a picture of a document and turns it into a PDF document. There are both free and paid apps that allow you to do this. More » Technology Mobile

To access records of phone calls to your cell phone, check the phone bill received every month, or access the cell phone provider's website, register and sign-in to your online account. Alternatively, contact the service... More » Technology Mobile

With most cell phone services, getting a ringback tone involves purchasing songs or sounds from the provider's music library and then adding the songs to a customer's account. Once in the account, specific songs or sound... More » Technology Mobile