Celebrity endorsement examples include Lady Gaga with Polaroid, Beyonce with Pepsi, Taylor Swift with Diet Coke and Alicia Keys with Blackberry. A celebrity endorsement pairs a major brand with a well-known public figure... More »

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Some of the most popular celebrities to endorse Nike products include Michael Jordan and LeBron James. These prominent professional athletes both receive annual endorsement deals for tens of millions of dollars. More »

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An advertisement that includes a celebrity endorsement, such as a popular actress appearing in a makeup ad, is one type of testimonial propaganda. Testimonial propaganda takes advantage of the goodwill and trust the publ... More »

Information regarding the top 10 best selling soft drinks in the world is unavailable to the public, but the best selling soft drinks in the United States include Coca Cola Classic, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and Dr.... More »

There are many diet drinks on the market that do not contain aspartame, including a specially labeled version of Diet Coke, Diet Rite, Hansen's Natural soda, Pepsi One and Zevia. Most of these products use Splenda, a sug... More »

Some types of TV commercial advertising are informative, celebrity endorsement, series commercials and testimonial advertising. The different types of advertisements are named for the methods used to persuade the audienc... More »

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Some songs that have been in commercials include "Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp, "Drifting Days" by Pocket Submarine, "Motherless Child" by Bob Dylan, "Dreamin' About the Future" by Will.i.am and "How You Get the Girl" by Tayl... More »

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